Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia – Arnold Rüütel

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* 10.05.1928 in Saaremaa

President of the Republic


Following his graduation from agricultural college, Arnold Rüütel worked as an agronomist, teacher, and zoo technician between 1949 and 1963, after that he worked as the Director of the Tartu Model Sovkhoz and graduated from the Estonian Academy of Agriculture in 1964 whilst working.

In 1969, he was chosen as the Rector of the Estonian Academy of Agriculture where, in addition to fulfilling his role as the rector, he was also actively engaged in research.

From 1977 onwards, he held high office in the institutions of the Estonian SSR. Arnold Rüütel played an important part in the preparation of the Estonian declaration of sovereignty and its adoption on 16 November 1988.

On 29 March 1990, he was elected as member of the Supreme Council and was appointed the Chairman of the Supreme Council thereafter.

On 12 May 1990, initiated by Arnold Rüütel, the Council of the Baltic States was established in Tallinn.

Arnold Rüütel played a significant role in the Republic of Estonia being accepted as a member of UN on 17 September 1991 as well as a member of NATO in 2004. Between 1991 and 1992, Arnold Rüütel was a member of the Constitutional Assembly.

From 1981 to 1988, he was the Chairman of the Estonian Society for Nature Conservation and, between 1989 and 2002, the Chairman of the Forselius Society promoting educational life. In 1993, he became President of the Estonian National Organisation of the Green Cross International and Chairman of the movement "Protect the Estonian Sea".

Arnold Rüütel was elected as the President of the Republic of Estonia by the electoral college on 21 September 2001.

Arnold Rüütel was awarded the Order of Merit of the Cross of Terra Mariana, Collar Class in 2001 and the Order of Merit of the National Coat of Arms, Collar Class in 2008. He has been bestowed with high awards by 16 foreign countries. In 2013, Arnold Rüütel was awarded a Peace Prize issued in Manila, Philippines.

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