Standing order

If you want to conveniently receive all the postage stamps and philatelic products issued during the year, subscribe. You can order the philatelic products mint or cancelled. Subscription means that you make an advance payment and all philatelic products issued during the year will be sent to you. The subscribers also receive free postage stamp information cards and personal customer support. 

• postage stamps – mint or cancelled

• single stamp, block of four stamps or small sheet

• postage stamp booklets – mint

• year sets – mint or cancelled

• postal stationery – mint or cancelled

• First Day Covers  – with a postage stamp and cancelled

• Maxicards – with a postage stamp and cancelled

• special cancellations – cancelled

 Place a standing order 


How can I subscribe?

Subscribing is very simple. If you do not have an e-store account yet, then register. Next, fill in the subscription form selecting:

 • period (month, quarter, six months, year)


subscription products and amounts

preferred shipping method

You can also add your credit card information or you can pay using a bank link at the end of the period you selected, when we send you an order invoice.

You can view the subscription and information on the period orders when you log into your e-store account. You do not need to renew your subscription every year – the subscription is active until
you decide to end it. 


 Place a standing order