Delivery methods and charges

1 The Customer shall choose a delivery method: a letter, a parcel, a parcel machine, or a courier. The delivery services are provided in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of POST, which are available on the website of POST at, taking into account the specifications provided in the Terms and Conditions. 

2 The price list of delivery charges is based on the letter services price list, the parcel services price list, the parcel machine service price list, the courier service price list, and the terms and conditions of accepting insured items in the country of destination.

3 A weight-based handling fee of 1 g / €0.004, but no less than 2.50 € per cart, is added to numismatic products. The handling fee for other products is shown next to the product.

4 An order containing numismatic products shall be delivered as an insured item and an insurance premium in accordance with the sum of the cart shall be added to the delivery charge. The amounts of the insurance premium, based on the delivery option, are: letter in Estonia – 1%; parcel – 0.5%; parcel machine – 1%; courier – 1%; international letter – 10%, parcel – 5%; parcel machine in Latvia and Lithuania – 1%; courier in Latvia and Lithuania – 1%, and couriers elsewhere – 5% of the sum of the cart. 

Explanation of delivery charges:

Letter – the delivery charges correspond with the prices for national and international registered maxi letters specified in the Universal Postal Service price list.

Parcel – the delivery charges in Estonia correspond with the price list of the ‘Parcel to a pick-up point’ service and the price list of the international registered standard parcel service.

Parcel machine – the delivery of a parcel to a parcel machine in Estonia costs 3.28 euros; in Latvia 5.14 euros; and in Lithuania 5.84. euros.

Courier – the delivery charges are based on the weight and country of destination of the parcel: in Estonia: weight 0–3 kg costs 4.04 euros and 3–10 kg costs 4.68 euros; in Latvia: 0–1 kg costs 6.77 euros and 1–3 kg costs 8.30 euros; in Lithuania: 0–1 kg costs 7.49 euros and 1–3 kg costs 9.71 euros. Delivery charges for parcels weighing 0–3 kg in the following destination countries are: Austria €13.80, Belgium €13.92, Bulgaria €12.12, Spain €17.88, Netherlands €14.16, Croatia €14.16, Ireland €16.56, Iceland €21.96, Italy €17.52, Greece €18.96, Cyprus €15.48, Luxembourg €13.44, Malta €16.80, Norway €17.64, Poland €14.04, Portugal €15.72, France €19.32, Sweden €15.12, Romania €13.92, Germany €13.20, Slovakia €13.92, Slovenia €14.88, Finland €14.40, United Kingdom €16.68, Switzerland €16.56, Denmark €13.20, Czech Republic €13.92, Hungary €13.80.