Sales terms

1 General

1.1 These terms and conditions (hereinafter: Terms and Conditions) determine the terms of use of the online ordering environment (hereinafter: Omniva’s e-shop) of AS Eesti Post (hereinafter: POST). If a person wishing to use Omniva’s e-shop (hereinafter: Customer) registers themselves as a user of Omniva’s e-shop or uses Omniva’s e-shop, they are deemed to agree with the Terms and Conditions and undertake to comply with them.

1.2 Contact details of POST: AS Eesti Post, Pallasti 28, 10001, Tallinn, e-mail, customer service phone number +372 661 6616. 

2 Rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the Customer

2.1 The Customer is entitled to use Omniva’s e-shop (e.g. submit orders, receive information, submit enquiries, etc. through Omniva’s e-shop) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and valid legislation.

2.2 The Customer is entitled to submit complaints about the use of Omniva’s e-shop to the customer service centre of POST (phone number +372 661 6616, Mon–Fri 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (*except on national holidays),

2.3 The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the data submitted in the orders and enquiries in Omniva’s e-shop.

2.4 The Customer undertakes to use Omniva’s e-shop only for purposes that agree with the law and good practice.

2.5 The Customer is fully responsible for the losses incurred to POST, other Customers, or third parties resulting from using Omniva’s e-shop contrary to the Terms and Conditions, the law, or good practice.

3 Rights, responsibilities, and obligations of POST

3.1 POST shall reply to the Customer’s enquiries no later than within 10 (ten) business days.

3.2 POST undertakes not to disclose the Customer’s information to third parties.

3.3 POST reserves the right to disclose the data concerning the Customer if it is disclosed to a person who processes the data to comply with a statutory obligation or to a person who has the legal right to do so.

3.4 POST is not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by the Customer in Omniva’s e-shop.

3.5 POST is not responsible for the possible damage done to the Customer, including a delayed delivery of the ordered products, resulting from the impossibility to use Omniva’s e-shop due to any technical problems. If the delivery of products is delayed for more than 30 days, POST shall inform the Customer of it via a communication channel specified by the Customer.

3.6 POST has the right to cancel an order in part or in full and not deliver the ordered products if the price of a product is displayed incorrectly due to a mistake in Omniva’s e-shop or the product has run out of stock. POST shall inform the Customer of it at the first opportunity and return the paid money immediately, but no later than within 14 days after the notice was sent. 

4 Ordering in Omniva’s e-shop

4.1 The Customer shall add the desired products to the cart, fill in the mandatory fields, and select the appropriate delivery method for the products.

4.2 To submit an order, the Customer must submit their contact details: in the case of a natural person, their first name, last name, mobile phone number, e-mail address, and delivery address; and in the case of a legal person, their organisation name, registry code, legal address, mobile phone number, and e-mail address. If the legal person is a VAT payer, they must also add their value added tax identification number. A VAT-registered business customer located in the European Union outside of Estonia must create an account in the e-shop and send information about the account creation to to make requirements and make the necessary settings.

4.3 If the receiver of the order and the Customer are different persons, the Customer must provide the information specified in clause 4.2 for the both of them.

4.4 The Customer’s order is deemed submitted once the Customer has confirmed it in Omniva’s e-shop and thereby agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

4.5 POST shall confirm the submission of each order of the Customer in Omniva’s e-shop. The submission of an order means that the order has been accepted, but it does not imply its immediate execution.

4.6 POST shall start executing the order after the full order amount has been transferred to the bank account of POST, which means that the order comes into effect. When paying by bank transfer, the products are reserved in our e-shop for 1 day.

4.7 The delivery time of an order, i.e. the time to deliver the products to receivers in Estonia, is a maximum of four working days from the date that the order came into effect unless the delivery time is not otherwise stated. If it is not possible to execute the order within four working days, the Customer shall be informed thereof by the means of communication indicated by the Customer in the order. The delivery time of self-designed products is longer by one working day.

4.8 The Customer can pay the order amount in Omniva’s e-shop upon submitting the order. The following payment solutions are possible for payment: bank accounts of Estonian banks (Swedbank, SEB, Nordea, Danske Bank, and LHV Pank), credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro), and invoices.

4.9  All prices in Omniva’s e-shop are displayed in euros and include taxes. 

5. Delivery methods and charges

5.1 The Customer shall choose a delivery method: a letter, a parcel, a parcel machine, or a courier. The delivery services are provided in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of POST, which are available on the website of POST at, taking into account the specifications provided in the Terms and Conditions. 

5.2 The price list of delivery charges is based on the letter services price list, the parcel services price list, the parcel machine service price list, the courier service price list, and the terms and conditions of accepting insured items in the country of destination.

5.3 A roll-based handling fee of 1 pc / €0.76 is added to numismatic products. The handling fee for other products is shown next to the product.

5.4 An order containing numismatic products shall be delivered as an insured item and an insurance premium in accordance with the sum of the cart shall be added to the delivery charge. The amounts of the insurance premium, based on the delivery option, are: letter in Estonia – 1%; parcel – 1%; parcel machine – 1%; courier – 1%; international letter – 10%, parcel – 10%; parcel machine in Latvia and Lithuania – 1%; courier in Latvia and Lithuania – 1%, and couriers elsewhere – 5% of the sum of the cart. 

5.5 Explanation of delivery charges:

Letter – the delivery charges correspond with the prices for national and international registered maxi letters specified in the Universal Postal Service price list.

Parcel – the delivery charges in Estonia correspond with the price list of the ‘Parcel to a pick-up point’ service and the price list of the international registered standard parcel service.

Parcel machine – the delivery of a parcel to a parcel machine in Estonia costs 3.19 euros; in Latvia 6.99 euros; and in Lithuania 8.09 euros.

Courier – the delivery charges are based on the weight and country of destination of the parcel: in Estonia: weight 0–3 kg costs 7.79 euros and 3–10 kg costs 8.89 euros; in Latvia: 0–1 kg costs 11.69 euros and 1–3 kg costs 12.69 euros; in Lithuania: 0–1 kg costs 12.19 euros and 1–3 kg costs 13.39 euros. Delivery charges for parcels weighing 0–3 kg and 3-5 kg in the following destination countries are: Austria €23.23 and €38.27, Belgium €21.43 and €32.41, Bulgaria, €20.78 and €33.22, Croatia €21.98 and €34.34, Czechia €20.80 and €30.34, Cyprus €31.08 and €63.37, Denmark €19.44 and €27.94, Finland €24.53 and €25.33, France €25.94 and €34.44, Germany €20.50 and €30.98, Greece €30.23 and €52.37, Hungary €21.05 and €31.55, Iceland €35.66 and €47.06, Ireland €23.38 and €34.78, Italy €26.27 and €39.66, Luxembourg €23.34 and €41.42, Morocco €27.79 and €52.72, Netherlands €21.05 and €30.02, Norway €27.26 and €35.77, Poland €20.44 and €28.04, Portugal €26.75 and €49.40, Romania €21.05 and €31.55, Slovakia €26.12 and €47.45, Slovenia €21.64 and €33.52, Spain €25.63 and €38.06, Sweden €20.84 and €28.38, Switzerland €27.35 and €37.85, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland €27.96 and €39.36.

6. Standing order of philatelic and numismatic products

6.1 Only registered clients can sign up for philatelic product subscriptions at the Omniva e-store.

6.2 When subscribing, the client fills an order form indicating the desired period and enters the desired number of products next to the offered subscription products.

6.3 When confirming the subscription, the client selects the preferred shipping method, enters the necessary data and selects the preferred payment method.

Shipping methods are, depending on the country, either Letter, Parcel, Parcel machine and Courier.

6.4 On the basis of a standing order, an order is generated according to the selected period and the shopping cart is sent with the selected payment method to the e-mail registered by you in the e-shop environment.

6.5 The order is prepared and shipped from the warehouse no later than within 4 business days from receiving the Order sum in full to the POST’s bank account.

6.6 The quantity of numismatic standing order products sent may change according to the limit of the sales quantity of issued products established by Eesti Pank.

6.7 You can cancel your subscription at any time in the e-store by clicking the Cancel button in the Subscription tab in My account menu. In the case of a standing order for numismatics, the cancellation must be notified to e-mail

6.8 You can only have one active subscription at once. To change a subscription you must cancel the current one and enter the new.

7 Returns

7.1 Customers who are natural persons have the right to return the ordered products within 14 days of receiving the products and get the order amount back. The handling fee shall not be refunded, unless the Customer has returned the products due to an incorrectly completed order by POST.

7.2 Customers who are legal persons have the right to return the ordered products within 7 days of receiving the products and get the order amount back if POST has incorrectly completed the order (i.e. the delivered products do not match the ordered products in terms of quantity, quality, or assortment).

7.3 In order to return the products, the Customer shall submit an application to POST, which includes the Customer’s contact details listed in clause 4.2, a description of the order, payment data of the order amount (date of payment, amount, bank), and the returned products. If possible, we ask the receiver to also indicate the reason for the return. The application can be sent to the e-mail address The Customer shall send the returned products to the following address: Eesti Post Postmark, Pallasti 28, 10001, Tallinn.

7.4 The costs of returning products are covered by the Customer, unless the reason for the return lies in the fact that the product to be returned does not correspond to the order.

7.5 POST has the right to refuse to take back the products and return the money if the returned product is damaged.

7.6.  The provisions set out in section 7 are not applied to self-designed products, including My Postage Stamp and My Postcard products. 

8. Additional order terms for self-designed products: My Postage Stamps and My Postcards 

8.1 My Postage Stamp is an individually designed postage stamp. A digitally transmitted image (hereinafter: Image) from the Customer is printed on a blank field.

8.2 The overall dimensions of My Postage Stamps are 43.00 × 34.00 mm and the size of the Image is 30.00 × 30.00 mm; size of the sheet: A4, a sheet includes 20 postage stamps.

8.3 It is possible to order My Postage Stamps per sheets – the smallest order quantity is one sheet and only one Image can be used on a sheet of My Postage Stamps. If the Customer wishes to order My Postage Stamps with different Images, they have to make several orders.

8.4 The requirements for the Image for My Postage Stamp are: image format: jpg; maximum size: 3 MB; minimum pixel count: 600 × 600.

8.5 The colour settings in the My Postage Stamp ordering environment and the printed My Postage Stamp may differ due to differences in computers and other colour settings used in the issuance of the postage stamp (the base print of My Postage Stamp) and the personalisation (adding the Customer’s Image to the stamp). 

8.6 My Postage Stamp shall not be exchanged for postage stamps of other value.

8.7 The copyright of My Postage Stamp belongs to POST and the Customer does not have the right to reproduce and copy the postage stamp without the prior written permission of POST. 

8.8 Small colour variations on the My Postage Stamp compared to the Image and small differences in Image positioning on the blank field it is printed on shall not be considered mistakes and the Customer is not entitled to require that the stamp be replaced. 

8.9 If the Customer gives their consent to POST while making an order in Omniva’s e-shop to use the Images used in designing their My Postage Stamp, POST has the right to use them for free in any form to indefinitely promote the My Postage Stamp service and philately.

8.10 My Postcard is an individually designed postcard with dimensions of 148.00 × 105.00 mm, onto which a digitally transmitted image from the Customer is printed (hereinafter: Image).

8.11 The requirements for the Image for My Postcard are: image format: jpg; maximum size: 3 MB; minimum pixel count: 1800 × 1300.

8.12 The colour settings in the My Postcard ordering environment and the printed My Postcard may differ due to differences in computers and other colour settings used in the personalisation (adding the Customer’s Image to the postcard). 

8.13 When submitting an order for a self-designed product, the Customers undertakes to take into account the requirements for the Image specified in the Terms and Conditions, otherwise it will not be possible for POST to complete the order. 

8.14 By submitting an order, the Customer confirms that they have the right to process, reproduce, and distribute the Image; they are not infringing trademark, copyright, or other rights; they have the consent of all people (or their parents or guardians) depicted in the Image to reproduce the image taken of them.

8.15 After accepting the order, POST shall check its compliance with these Terms and Conditions, including quality requirements and good practice. In the event of non-compliance with these rules, POST may refuse to execute the order and shall notify the Customer of it within 3 working days by e-mail. POST reserves the right to refuse to accept the Images for producing self-designed products without justification in each individual case. 

8.16 POST has the right to refuse to reproduce an Image if any of the following is evident: the Customer does not have the rights specified in Section 8.15; the Image or words depicted in it are harmful or potentially harmful to the reputation of third parties; the Image depicts nude people; the Image or the words depicted on it are obscene, offensive, or contrary to good morals; the Image or the words depicted on it promote certain religious beliefs or may offend the religious beliefs of third parties; the Image or the words depicted on it may be hate speech or an insult to some social, ethnic, racial, or other group; the Image or the words depicted on it are, by nature, political or related to a political objective or campaign; the Image or the words depicted on it are unacceptable to POST for any other reason.

8.17 In the event that POST refuses to execute the order, POST shall, as soon as possible, return the advance payment made by the Customer to them. POST reserves the right to deduct the reasonable expenses incurred by POST for handling the order.

8.18 Registered users of Omniva’s e-shop can check the status information of their orders and order more self-designed products that they have designed and ordered before. A registered user can also save their orders of self-designed products without confirming it for up to one month. After that, they can then confirm the order and pay for it.

8.19 In the case of other quality-related non-compliance of self-designed products, the Customer has the right to demand the replacement of products that do not meet the quality requirements, but only if they return the non-quality products to POST and POST confirms the quality-related non-compliance, i.e. the Customer’s claim is justified.

9 Responsibility

9.1 The Customer undertakes to reimburse to POST all expenses and losses that POST bears because the Image sent by the Customer and reproduced by POST undermines the reputation of POST or any third party, infringes in any way with the copyrights, the inviolability of private life, or other rights of third parties, or is in conflict with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. 

9.2 POST is not responsible for the Customer using a self-designed product that is in conflict with good practice and the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. 

9.3  The reproduction of Images depends on their quality and the printing process, which is why the final result may not always be accurate and flawless, and POST is not responsible for this.

10 Final provisions 

10.1 Disagreements regarding these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by negotiation. The Customer can protect their rights by contacting the Consumer Disputes Committee of the Consumer Protection Board or going to court in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.