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Eesti Panga ametlik e-poodWe are the official distributor of numismatic and bonistic products of Eesti Pank. The numismatic products are divided into categories: commemorative Estonian kroon coins, commemorative euro coins, euro coins, presentation books, and leaflets. If you order or send coins outside of Estonia, please read the terms of delivery, as they are more strict than with standard shipping.

Due to the restrictions in some countries coins can not be ordered to the following countries: BOLIVIA, LEBANON, MALAWI, MYANMAR, PANAMA, SAUDI ARABIA, URUGUAY, VIETNAM

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18.30 €
The folder consisting of 8 euro coins is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Estonian border guard. Coins are minted in 2022.
18.30 €
By purchasing the coin card you support Ukraine’s fight for freedom! Income from the sales will go to the Ukrainian central bank. Up to 50 coin cards can be bought in one purchase.
30.50 €
The folder consisting of 8 euro coins with BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) quality is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Estonian re-independence. Coins are minted in 2016.