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What do I need to send a letter?

Terms and conditions of the universal postal service will change.

When sending a letter within Estonia, there are two different delivery speed services: letter and express letter.

The price of an express letter is 2.30, and if the express letter is posted to the letter box before the letter box is emptied or the post office's mail exchange time, the letter will reach the recipient on the next working day. The express letter must be posted in an orange envelope produced by Eesti Post, on which a plus sign is printed, and it is possible to send paper content weighing up to 250 g.

Items can be sent by express marxi letter in an orange envelope, the price of which is 3.25 to 250g. If you want to send more than 250g of content (maxi 2 kg), add additional stamps according 

to the price list of Express maxi letters, which is available here.

More resonable price is when the letter is forwarded to the recipient by the third working day. Stamps worth 1.30  must be added to the letter. When sending a letter abroad, the price for sending to all countries of the world is 2.60.

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Postage stamps worth 1.30 € euros are available here >

Postage stamps worth 2.60 € euros are available here >

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What do I need to send a parcel?

To make sure your shipment arrives at its destination safely and without damage, you have to package it correctly. Our e-shop includes a wide selection of boxes, security envelopes, and everything else necessary for packaging. Addressing the parcel is just as important – write or print the name and address of the sender and the receiver on the parcel in a clear manner. 

To save time at a parcel machine or a post office, pre-label your shipment in our e-service beforehand.

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How to package my shipment correctly? 

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