Personal design

Design your own postcard

Real things are becoming increasingly valuable in today’s constantly digitising world. Things that have a physical shape, smell and colour – and the emotions that come with them, of course. 

You now have the opportunity to design your own one- or two-sided postcard. You can add your own photo to the postcard and write your own holiday wishes as well.  

Postcards can be ordered: 

to your office or home –  you can write personal greetings by hand, put the postcard in a Christmas envelope and attach a postage stamp of your choice. You can also order stamps and envelopes from Omniva’s e-shop – choose from either the available stamp selection or a custom-designed My Stamp

to be sent directly to the receiver – add your holiday wishes to the postcard as well as the name and address of the recipient during the design process and we will print out the card, stick a scented postage stamp and deliver it to the receiver.

Choose a suitable design from among My Design products in the e-shop and customise it as you like.  

Choose your favourite design from the e-shop and make the postcard of your dreams.

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Design postage stamp

Make your letters and postcards unique by using a postage stamp that you have designed yourself. 

My Stamp is a stylish feature that helps you share joy with your loved ones, depicting the people near and dear to your heart as well as the places related to them.  My Stamps designed using company symbols provides a great opportunity to improve the reputation of the company brand, broaden advertising campaigns and emphasise the originality and advantages of the company.  Stamps can be ordered in two different price categories and by the stamp sheet, which contains 20 identical postage stamps.

Have fun designing and let your imagination run wild!

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