Heads of State of the Republic of Estonia - Jaan Teemant 140

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* 24 September 1872 at Illuste, Lääne County † Early July 1941 in Tallinn Head of State 15 December 1925 to 9 December 1927; 19 February to 19 July 1932 In 1917-1919 member of the Provisional National Council, the Diet, of the Constituent Assembly of 1919-1920 and of the 2nd to 5th Riigikogu (Parliament); in 1918 Prosecutor of the Republic of Estonia. He studied at Hugo Treffner’s private High School (Gymnasium), graduated from the Faculty of Law of St Petersburg University and then served as barrister’s assistant in Tallinn. He took part in the Revolution of 1905, fled from reprisals to Switzerland and was sentenced to death in absentia. In 1908, after marshal law was abolished, he returned to Estonia; was in custody and was sentenced to one and a half years in prison, serving his sentence in St Petersburg. In 1911-1913 he was exiled in the Province of Archangel. In 1913/1914 to 1940 he worked as barrister in Tallinn, in 1919-1925 served as Chairman of the Council of Barristers, in 1939-1940, in connection with the repatriation of Baltic Germans, was trustee of the German Trusteeship Government; from 1932 he was honorary doctor of law of the University of Tartu. On 23 July 1940 Jaan Teemant was arrested by the Soviet NKVD security police and was probably shot or died at the Tallinn Central Prison. According to other sources he was sentenced to ten years in a prison camp on 21 October 1941; there is no information about his further life. 

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