Estonian mushrooms – the panther cap

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The panther cap (Amanita pantherina) is quite common in Estonia from July to October. The panther cap always grows alone and can be found in coniferous forests, especially in sandy dune pine forests and wooded heaths. The mushroom cap is around 5-12 centimetres wide, has a hazel brown tone, is sticky with a clearly striate margin and is mostly covered with small snow-white tufts. The stipe is 5-12 cm, white in colour, up to 2 cm in width and stuffed, later hollow. The ring is always smooth on top. The gills are snow white. The flesh of the whole mushroom is white.

All toxic amanita have one common trait, namely the stipe always has both a ring and a volva. The ‘spotted’ cap, or rather the tufts on the cap, often considered a significant characteristic of an amanita is easily washed off by rain in the case of all species. However, in the case of the panther cap and the fly agaric, they are somewhat more durable. The panther cap is lethal. Eating this mushroom causes nausea, cramps, vomiting, loss of consciousness, cessation of breathing and blood circulation disorders.

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