Definitive Stamp. Paide

Issue date: 10.09.2015
Designer: Indrek Ilves
Number: 607-10.09.15
Stamp zone: Other stamps
Stamp type: Self-adhesive
0.55 €

Paide is a small lovely town of 8300 residents in the heart of Estonia. The glorious history of the town got its beginning in 1291 when it received town bylaws among some of the first towns in Estonia. Through its colourful history Paide has been known by the names of Wittenstein, Weissenstein and Paede. Today Paide is the only town in the Järva County as the local self-government and its administrative center. There are three schools, two kindergartens, a cultural center, a 3D cinema, a sports hall, a youth center, a roller skating park, a music school and an interest school at the disposal of the residents. Paide has the only hospital in the county and companies from the point of key importance of the promotion of economy operate there. One of the most important sights and tourist attractions in the city is the Wittenstein Time Center along with the beautiful Vallimägi Hill. In the Time Center in the ruins of the Paide Order Castle it is possible to travel on a genuine time machine and participate in different historical events. Notice is due also to Paide’s Holy Cross Church and the Town Hall that are situated in the heart of the town, in the Central Square. The Old City of Paide and about a hundred limestone sculptures have an important place in the history of the town. The composer Arvo Pärt and the actresses Ita Ever and Eve Kivi have been born in Paide. In August an Opinion Festival brings thousands of people to Paide to discuss public issues and enjoy its cultural program. The town of Paide is a place of good living environment for families and growing up of children. Closer see 

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