Heads of state of the Republic of Estonia - Jüri Uluots 125

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* 13.01.1890 in the Kirbla rural municipality, Lääne (Western Estonia) County † 09.01.1945 in Stockholm Prime Minister in duties of the President 17.06.1940-09.01.1945 1937-1940 Chairman of the central leadership of the Fatherland's Union (the only legal political party since 1937), 1938-1939 Chairman of the Riigivolikogu (second chamber of the Riigikogu 1938-1940), 1939-1940 Prime Minister. 1919-1920 member of the Constituent Assembly (Asutav Kogu), 1920-1926 member of I, II, 1929-1932 member of IV Riigikogu, 1938-1940 member of Riigivolikogu. 18.09.1944 appointed O. Tief's Government. Finished Pärnu State High School, 1910-1916 studied at the law department of the St. Petersburg University, graduated with the 1st degree diploma (simple graduation). In 1916-1918, got the St. Petersburg University scholarship for Roman law and civil law. 1920-1924 Assistant Professor of Roman law at Tartu University, 1924-1925 Acting Professor of the history of Estonian law, 1925-1927 extraordinary, 1927-1940 and 1942-1944 ordinary Professor. 1921-1924 Secretary, 1924-1931 Dean of the legal department, 1931-1934 Prorector of the University. 1938-1940 member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. 1918-1919 court investigator and Justice of the Peace in Haapsalu. 1919-1920 editor of the "Kaja" (Echo) newspaper. 1922-1924 assistant prosecutor of the civil department of the State Court. 1937-1938, Editor-in-Chief of the "Postimees" newspaper. 1922-1925 the secular Vice- President of the Consistory of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1926-1929 member of the Ecclesiastical Supreme Court of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church. 1928-1940 member of the Estonian-German court of arbitration. 1924-1932 Chairman of the Academic Law Society, 1930-1934 member of the board and council of the Tartu University Congregation, Chairman of the Estonian Group of the International Union of Parliaments, etc., 1928-1940 member of the National Archive Council, 1935-1940 of the National Cultural Foundation Council, 1937-1940 of the board of the Estonian-Finnish Society, as well as the council of the Educational Union, board of the Committee of the History of the War of Liberty, etc. 1932 Honorary Doctor of Law of the Szeged University, 1932 Honorary Member of the Academic Law Society. Participated in the creation of the Estonian legislation, has published papers in the field of Estonian history. 1940-1941 hid himself in Estonia, in 1944 escaped to Sweden. 31.08.2008 was reburied to the Kirbla Cemetery. 

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