Christmas stamp set 10 x 2,60

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Issue date:19.10.2023
Designer:Catherine Zarip
Stamp zone:International stamps
Stamp type:Self-adhesive
Availability date:2023-10-19
26.00 €

Christmas is a magical time when miracles happen. We are surrounded by mysterious figures who create surprises and do small acts of kindness. Catherine Zarip, the author of the 2023 Christmas stamps, has created charming characters that bring the fairytale Christmas season to life. Through these characters, we can all experience more warmth and joy in this special Christmas season. With a small surprise or a few kind words, we can all help to spread the joy of Christmas to our loved ones and acquaintances and make this a special and memorable holiday season. If you would like to create your own little Christmas surprise, think of something that would make your loved ones happy and take this opportunity to show them how much you care. It can be something as simple as a home-made card or gift or a heartfelt hug.

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