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8.00 €
The set includes strawberry-mint tea and a tea strainer.
16.00 €
Premium quality black durable fabric bag. The bag has EUROPA 2019 Estonian postage stamp national birds. The designer is Indrek Ilves from Eesti Post.Size: 39x41+8 cm. Material: 100% cotton, 240 g / m2 Twill.
3.25 €
Aromatic and delicious herbal tea that is suitable for starting the day and invigorating the day. The pleasant aroma creates volatile thoughts and makes the heart beat happily. The tea is suitable for drinking in case...
3.25 €
Cup of aromatic and delicious herbal tea at rest gives a fresh direction to the mind. Tea has a calming effect. Ingredients: garden mint, apple mint, strawberry leaves, freeze-dried apple pieces.